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idlabelaliasesdescriptioninverse ofequivalent property
P2exact matchskos:exactMatch(URLs only) used to link two concepts, indicating a high degree of confidence that the concepts can be used,
P3instance ofis a, is an, rdf:typethis item is a specific example and a member of that,
P5inverse oflinks a property to its inverse
P6reference URLwebsite, url, Uniform Resource Locator, webref, URLshould be used for internet URLs as
P7has parthave part, composed of, contains, formed from, formed out of, assembled from, assembled out of, created from, created out of, amalgamation of, set of, consists of, has part, members, holonym of, includes, ingredientobject is a part of this subjectpart
P8part ofmeronym of, section of, system of, subassembly of, sub-assembly of, contained within, assembly of, within a setsubject is a part of that objecthas,
P9imported fromsource of this claim's value (use only in References section)
P10point in timedate, as of, time of event, at time, when, year, timetime and date something took place, existed or a statement was
P11start timefrom, starting, beginning, began, from time, since, from date, start date, building date, starttimeindicates the time an item begins to exist or a statement starts being valid, usually used as a,
P12subproperty ofrdfs:subPropertyOfall resources related by this property are also related that,
P13end timeto, to time, until, ending, enddate, end date, closed, fall dateindicates the time an item ceases to exist or a statement stops being,
P14last modifiedlast known date of modification of the subject
P15subclass ofrdfs:subClassOf, hyponym of, is a, type of, is a type of, generalized by, generalization, superclassthis item is a class of that itemsuperclass, []
P16depends ondependency, technical requirement, software dependencythe subject depends on this
P17official websitewebsite, official site, homepage, home page, official page, official web site, official url, official homepage, web address, url, blogURL to the website of this,
P18residencelived inthe place where the person is, or has been,
P19country of citizenshipcitizenship, nationality, citizen ofthe object is a country that recognizes the subject as its
P20member ofmembershippart of a specific
P21date of birthborn on, birth date, birthday, birthdate, birth year, year of birth, birthyear, DOBdate on which the subject was,
P22website account onsocial media account on, social mediaA website that the person or organization has an account on. Use 'website user name' as
P24website usernameusername, handle, social media address, account name, screen nameusername on a website that the person or organization has an account on. only use as qualifier for 'website account on'
P25mandatory qualifierqualifier(s) that must be associated to statements using this
P26inceptiondate founded, date created, incorporated, foundation, founded, created, date of foundation, date of creation, foundation date, creation date, incorporation date, date incorporated, date of incorporation, date of establishment, founding date, date of founding, date formed, formation date, formed on date, founded on date, incorporated on date, created on date, commencement date, date commenced, commenced on date, date of commencementdate or point in time when the organization/object was founded/,
P28founded byis founded by, founderfounder or co-founder of the organizationfounder
P29artistcreated by, inventor, creatormaker of a creative work or other object (where no more specific property exists)
P30artbase legacy idartbase id, id artbase, legacy idserial id in the classic Artbase database
P31collective access legacy idca id, collective access id, legacy id, caidentifier used in Rhizome's Collective Access instance
P32version (deprecated)stable versionstable version of the
P34platformplatforms, computing platform, hardware architecture, architectureplatform for which a work has been developed or released / specific platform version of a software
P35representationrelevant illustration of the
P37artbase legacy user idartbase user id, artbase useruser id used in the Rhizome database
P38given nameforename, first name, personal name, christian name, middle namefirst name or another given name of this person. Values used with the property shouldn't link disambiguations nor family,
P39surnamelast name, family name, has surnamesurname or last name of a,,,,
P41logo imagegraphic mark or emblem commonly used by organizations, enetrprises and products
P43membermember, members, has memberthe object is a member of the subjectmember of
P45has variantinstatiation, copy, enactment, re-enactment, varianta performing instatiation of a digital artifactvariant of
P46access URLaccess location, URL, prov:atLocationweb URL where a variant can be accessed, which can be under the maintenance of the artist, Rhizome or another
P47locationlocated in, event location, venue, is inlocation the item, physical object or event is
P48artbase legacy tagstags, legacy tagskeywords from classic Artbase
P49slugpathcanonical unique string identifier
P50sourcegiven by, received from, contributed byprovenance of an artifact or information
P51comissioned bycommissioned, made for, funded byperson or organization that commissioned this
P52ca idlegacy serial id in Collective Access, delete later
P53biographybioa link to the full text of the biography
P54licenselicencelicense under which this copyrighted work is
P56variant ofprov:alternateOfinstantiation of an artworkhas
P58curated bycuratorperson curating an exhibition or collectioncurator of
P60artworkcreated, creator ofsubject is the artist/ main creator ofartist
P61founder offoundedan entity founded by the subjectfounded by
P62comissionedthe subject funded the creation of the objectcomissioned by
P63curator ofcuratedevent or exhibition curated by the subjectcurated by
P64not active sincedead link, resource not available, inactive since, not available sincepoint in time when ressource was checked and not available anymore
P65found live onlive link, link live, live, alivepoint in time when outside ressource was checked and yielded the expected results
P66is fileitem is a file located on this host
P67includessoftware that is packaged with the item
P68emulated on
P70can be substituted by
P71followed bypreceded by
P72preceded byfollowed by
P73requirescan run
P74can runrequires
P76superclass ofsubclass of
P77format nameName of a PRONOM file format
P78format versionVersion of a PRONOM file format
P79mime typeInternet Media Type string
P80PUIDPRONOM file format identifier
P81made offile typesdata type contained in item
P82amountitems of this class exist in this amount
P83concluding dateconclusion, end date, end time, date of conclusion, time of conclusion, finishing date, end of performance, end of durationdate or point in time when the organization/object was finished, dissolved, abolished,
P84see alsorelated
P85date of accessiontime the item entered the institution
P86browser plug-insanything beyond out-of-box browser set-up
P87internal resourcesthis property contains data about the internal resources within a website, such as images and internally-linked pages
P88risk from external linksAssessed level of risk posed to this work as a result of this work's dependence on external links.
P89documentation ("Not Web"?)This property contains information about the degree to which this collection item is closer to documentation, of an object or event, created in the form of a website, rather than an internet-based digital artwork
P94external mediathis property contains data about the external media embedded within a website, such as embedded links to sound, video, or still image files hosted outside the domain of the artwork.
P95external services this property contains item values evaluating the external services embedded within a website, such as embedded links to data feeds that are hosted outside the domain of this artwork. Item values for this property express: the degree of completeness of these services at the time the artwork was evaluated, as well as the degree of importance of these services to the complete experience of the artwork.
P96importance: allowed valuesitems that may be used for this property, to express the degree of importance of this property to the overall experience of the artwork
P97completeness : allowed values items that may be used for this property, to express the degree of completeness of this property within the artwork
P98allowed valuesallowed values for this property
P99Stoplight ValueA high-level qualitative index of the overall access quality of an artwork/website.
P100completenessthe extent of problems observed for this Artbase audit property
P101relevancethe importance of this Artbase audit property to the artwork
P102derived fromprov:wasDerivedFromA derivation is a transformation of one artwork variant into another, an update of a variant resulting in a new one, or the construction of a new variant based on a pre-existing
P103programming languagethe programming language(s) in which the software is or has been developed
P105GUI toolkit or frameworkGUIframework or toolkit a program uses to display the graphical user interface
P106software versionstable version, version, latest versionversion(s) identifiers of the software, current and past
P107source code repositorypublic source code repositoryThe URL of a Git, CVS, etc, repository
P108useMain use of the subject (includes current and former usage)
P109release datedate an item was publicly released
P111download URLURL where the item can be downloaded
P112PRONOM file format identifierPUIDidentifier (PUID) for a file format in the technical data format registry PRONOM
P113webarchive-idwaidpublic-web-archives identifier
P114operating systemosoperating system a software was created
P115in languagelanguagelanguage used in a work or a software's user
P116capabilityfeature, functionability of a software to perform a certain function
P117generated byprov:wasGeneratedByGeneration is the creation of a new artwork variant by a specific activity, carried out either by the artist, or another agent (use only with activity items, not agent items)
P118associated withAn association is an assignment of general responsibility for an item or an activity to an agent (use with person or institution items)
P119on behalf ofThe assignment of responsibility to an agent to carry out a specific activity as a representative, while the agent it acts on behalf of retains some responsibility for the outcome of the delegated
P120collaboratorassociated withA special case of associated with (P118), wherein an agent has some level of involvement in the generation activity of an artwork or
P121archival planarchival recipe, archival instructions, archival stepsA plan represents a set of actions carried out by an agent to achieve some archival or preservation goals (use with the specific item describing the actions)
P122in collection ofcollected byart, museum, archival, or bibliographic collection the subject is part
P123descriptionproperty linking works to their text description or summary itemsdescription of
P124description ofproperty linking text description or summary items to their corresponding worksdescription
P126imagerepresentation, illustration, screenshotrepresentative image of the subject
P127attributed toAttribution is the ascribing of an entity to an agent, it is a stronger claim to authorship compared to associated with (P118)
P128reperformance platformre-performance platformindicating the platform where the archive access URL of an ArtBase variant is reperformed
P129type of accessionproperty for the process through which the artwork variant entered the ArtBase
P130depictsshows, showing, depicting, motif, image ofitem visible on a
P131alternative titleother title or titles an artwork (or one of its variants) might be known by
P132plural form of labelto be used in conjunction with properties which may have plural values, e.g. 'artist'
P133copyedited byedited by, copy edited by, copy-edited byproperty used in conjunction with description items to indicate editorial work
P134preview imagethumbnail imagerepresentative image of the subject to be used as a thumbnail in grid views
P135sort by nameadministrative property used to generate artists' lists sorted by "lastname, firstname"