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21 December 20055 June 2010

A volg that seeks to alter the disembodiment phenomenon of the non-place of the Web. Everyday I upload a new to video to have a non-click-interaction (NCI) with. If the viewer allows themselves to follow the suggestions of the title, then a physical-mash-up is created. Come play in kinetocast today.

maCk mCfarland
21 April 2006

“Kinetoscopes for the 21st century__”

These videos began as referencing the early, single-viewer, motion picture device the Kinetoscope. This reference encompassed the mode of watching --the single-viewership of most Web users, as well as the use of vaudeville in early film history.

During three months of daily updates the videos progressed to an interface with the audience called non-click-interaction (NCI). With NCI the viewer is asked to work with an object, action, state, or idea that is outside of the Web, and separate from the computer; to bridge the partition between the physical and the signal.

These NCI videos hope to bring about a re-embodiment of the self, through the inclusion of the physical into video-- provided by the viewer, through the suggestion of the author, resulting in a poetic “physical-mash-up.”

Regular weekly casts to occur again beginning February 10th.

maCk mCfarland
21 April 2006
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21 April 2006
maCk mCfarland