Eveline, fragmentos de una respuesta

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Eveline, is about a project of Net art. Based on two stories of James Joyce “Eveline” and “A painful case”, the concepts of hypertext, randomness, simulation of alive and dynamic systems in real time are developed.
The election of James Joyce, his particular way of narration, open ends and unexpected ones that opens the game to the interpretation relates semantically to this story of Eveline, a problem of sort, un - comprise in his plurality, diverse metaphor and of several readings. It approaches questions, relative to own and other’s people affection, speeches, places, the body, public places, system of transport, ect.
It also revels the contradictions and/or paradoxes in the obsessive relation man-machine, the repetitions in the human conduct and the investigations in the electronic area , refers to the life simulation, the unpredictable of human answers.
Its development has been based on an interactive and random combination of
Text, Images, Sounds, Videos, Graphics.
The incorporation of web log trough the “blogger.com” , is made with the objective of introduce the users/spectators to participate in the writing of “Eveline”, their opinion, dialog among them, interpretation or story, would show an “image of the work” like an “image of the world”, a possible model constructed and written by all without pyramidal hierarchies

Marina Zerbarini
30 October 2004
Variant History
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Marina Zerbarini