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Liquid Eden is a java-based Web project that visualizes the collective mark of networked communication. I have conceived it as a dynamic, living landscape that makes people and their online presence the vital material in creating its form.
The project consists of two large lilies projected onto panels in the space of the gallery. The images of the lilies are networked and maintained on a host server. The algorithm used to affect the images in the installation is not automated but requires people, remotely connected to the installation via the project site, to maintain is continuous animation.
To participate in Liquid Eden, click anywhere on or around one of the images below with your mouse. The click initiates a vertical shift of the pixels of the image downward, animating the image in a continuous movement toward dissolution. Your clicking and manipulation of one of the flower images will be immediately reflected in the physical installation.

  • NOTE: Liquid Eden was exhibited in MediaNoche Gallery November 13, 2003 - January 10, 2004. The applet is still functional but the physical projection is not presently installed.

Technical requirements:
Liquid_Eden requires that you have installed the latest implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for your computer.

Stephanie Owens
11 February 2004
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Stephanie Owens