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Installation for personal computer, speakers and microphone.
A part of THE SAMPLING project.
One book: Topology of A Ghost City.
Two languages: french and english.
Separate all the sentences.
If you call the sentence number 112 in the french version, you see the sentence 112 in english. So you repeat the impossible repetition of the translation: it's the same sentence in the numerical order but not the same meaning.
An homage to On Translation's Muntadas and Derrida's De la Grammatologie.

Grégory Chatonsky
2 January 2003
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Alain Robbe-Grillet, Muntadas, Montreal, Topologie d'une cit, On Translation
Attribution: Grégory Chatonsky
Narrative, Generative, Database, language, audio, Animation, MP3, Flash, Text
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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Grégory Chatonsky
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2 January 2003
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