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Shop Mandiberg is an e-commerce website which markets and sells every last one of Michael Mandiberg's personal possessions, from his underwear to his favorite coats to his mostly used jar of strawberry jam. By selling these objects the artist aims to disintegrate himself.

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Are you a snoop? Ever looked in your sister's medicine cabinet? Your mom's sock drawer? Your date's refrigerator? Take a peek inside Michael Mandiberg's house and buy objects of desire via a sohpisticated e-commerce system for your own consumption. It's the ultimate artist sell-out!

Michael Mandiberg
20 June 2005

January 1, 2001
Michael Mandiberg, Inc. announced today the launch of its flagship e-
property, Shop Mandiberg. Located at, Shop Mandiberg
is an e-commerce site which markets and sells every last one of Michael
Mandiberg's personal possessions. Everything is for sale, from his
underwear to his favorite coats...his apartment keys, to his mostly used
jar of strawberry jam.
Shop Mandiberg aims to undo the process of shopping. The department
store, the catalogue, and now the e-commerce site dominate our lives as
individual consumers. From this finite selection we choose the mass-
produced objects we own, wear, and consume. This collection of objects
forms our "unique" visual identity. By selling these objects Michael
Mandiberg aims to disintegrate himself.
Shop Mandiberg is e-commerce and public performance art. In order to
sell their objects to collectors and museums, artists must sell
themselves to critics, galleries, and fellow artists. Shop Mandiberg
subverts this imperative by taking it one step further than expected: by
'selling out' in a very literal sense.
In this Post-Modern era, art and commerce are often virtually
indistinguishable. To reach viewers, public artists use advertising like
a business. Shop Mandiberg welcomes a new era where the artist not only
claims advertising as a medium, but business itself.
NOTE TO EDITORS: Shop Mandiberg welcomes press inquiries, and encourages
the redistribution of this press release. For further inquiries, and
additional information, please email at
2001 Michael Mandiberg, Inc. All rights reserved. Shop Mandiberg, and the Shop Mandiberg logo are either registered
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names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Michael Mandiberg
20 June 2005
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20 June 2005
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20 June 2005
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