33 things to do before you're 10

From Rhizome Artbase
James R Ford

In 2007 Ford came across an article in a newspaper which listed 33 things you should do before you're 10 and realised he hadn't done them all. He decided that, since he was soon to be married and really should have grown up by now, he would work his way through the list with his partner Tess.
The 17 month project took the form of a weblog, presenting images and videos of James and Tess completing activities such as collecting frogspawn, baking cakes and hosting a Teddy Bears picnic. In 2009, Over a 4-week residency period at FERREIRA PROJECTS, Ford created a room-sized installation filled with photography, handmade objects, looped video footage and leftover debris; a haphazard collection of documentation from the project.

James R Ford
27 July 2007