Hot Zones

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Six close-up, low-resolution photographs of a woman's body are laid out as a mosaic. An observer's gaze on each element is measured by a device; lingering on the image leads to an increase in its definition.

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Six close-up photographs of a female body are laid out as a mosaic. An observation of each element longer than some time leads to an increase of the definition of the image itself: the quantity of observation is measured by a device able to track the observer's gaze over the screen. At the beginning, the photographs are in black and white and without any detail; from this state, by prolonging the observation on each single zone, the observer sees a gradual increase of the definition until the next level of detail is reached. In the same way the image passes through the following states until the degree of definition corresponding to a perfectly sharp colour photograph is attained.
Hot Zones is the sum total of a shared software (which determines, through the interpretation of head or eye movements, the observer's level of interest with reference to the observed area of the screen), a custom software, and some photographs: the result is an executable program (a Macromedia Director projector). It is part of a project on eye-controlled photography described at

Stefano Coluccini
3 June 2003
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3 June 2003
Stefano Coluccini
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