Respect the Cube

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In Respect The Cube, the sides of the cube each have one part of a six part story. The story itself was first written in some girl's journal that I had a desperate crush on and who really didn't have a desperate crush on me. In presenting it here, I put you right in the middle of the story, right when all the lovely sweet nothings turn into some heavy shit. The reason behind this was to engage you, the reader right away and put him smack dab in the middle of some highschool drama. Oh tear!
The shapes that fly in will eventually make up different renderings of my own face, which tries to give the idea of piecing together the story.

Justin Simoni
12 January 2003
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Wethersfield, Justin Simoni
Attribution: Justin Simoni
historical, allegory, memory, body, Animation, HTML, Flash, Visual, Text
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8 May 2013
Justin Simoni