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"In the end, relationships are distorted by the spoken and written word. perfect communication is impossible. What is lost is balance and interactivity, which, when expressed verbally, should be an organized relationship of countless symbols, sentences, and letters.
Truth is hidden, and the hope of a direct and unified relationship is, in the end, expressed in a hostile relationship. This leads to a distortion in meaning, and an excess of letters and language, which weakens the ceremonial relationship between society and society, being and being, and woman and man, leaving only the relationship between subject and object.
"The two files, 'Love Letter' and 'L' present the appearance of a romance structured like the aforementioned system, one in which interactivity is the media. I take the language of the relationship, the impossibility to communicate as a sentence like the interactive possibility that media possesses and then I share the results, whatever they may be."

sung-yoon jung
9 November 2002
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9 November 2002
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