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Atari 2600 "VideoConsoleSistem" modified as an audiovisual noise pattern generator keyboard, a game info-deconstruction.
Millions of people were influenced during the Atari reign by its low end graphics, sounds & concepts. It has become a legend in the electronic-game revolution. With more than 20 million units sold, it is the most successful microprocessor based products ever built. In a way it started the digital home revolution.
Atari 2600 is a product fighting to not become obsolete, to not become a dead media.
The project :
Game as an art object.
An old 2600 Atari video computer system is hacked and modified to become an audiovisual noise pattern generator keyboard.
An interference made between the ROM (game cartridge) the stella chip (processor) and some other components result in an almost infinite quantity of RANDOM audiovisual noise patterns that can be played in real time. The user of atari-noise, by pressing the keyboard push buttons, generates a deconstruction of the game information.
The game's rules and tactics disappear no more - game over or points to make - the project is an immerson into the infinity of the resulting patterns into order / chaos, existenze, zen.
The user has no control over the patterns. That's an accident created by interference they can control, by a certain degree, the behavior of this patterns.
Interference is a process from nature's code deeply inserted in every entity of the universe. Evolution has thought this process to human kind by shaping our surroundings we are learning to control the code.

arcangel constantini
5 March 2002
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