Experimental Party

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The Experimental Party
"Representation Through Virtualization"
Art, through its various modes of representation, extends the ability to visualize. New models, as seen in the imagination by the artist, become the foundation for new concepts and new possibilities for change. The insertion of these models into reality, however temporary or ephemeral, brings opportunity for social transformation through the exploitation of the power of the collective imagination.
The Experimental Party has been devised as such a model, a vehicle for political critique and a laboratory for social experimentation. Just as art extends the ability of the recipient to "suspend disbelief," the Experimental Party proposes new ways of seeing and understanding the world around us through the processes of virtualization.
The Experimental Party is the culmination of a four year project conceived as an artistic critique of the political process. Based on the model of the political party, an active vehicle for citizens action, the Experimental Party is a shift to experimental thinking, a mediated environment, a system of communication and production, a collective event that enables the disenfranchised to enter into the political process with renewed hope and agency
The final goal of the Experimental Party, as an artistic creation and act of mediation, is to propose a model of society where free and experimental modes of conduct will prevail.

Randall Packer
27 May 2003
Variant History
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Randall Packer