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Si/jamais is a set of pictures from photographic sources that change when a user moves the cursor over them. With a simple hand movement, a lake is drained or a building site becomes a surging sea.

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Click on a part on the image and it changes. New meanings are created through the juxtaposition of disparate landscape images.

Isabelle Hayeur
16 October 2001

Si/jamais proposes a set of pictures from photographic source that
change by "touching" or a mouse over. By a simple hand movement,
everything suddenly changes, a lake is drained or a building site
becomes a surging sea. The horizon, the separation, the invisible fuzzy
limit in each of these images opens up, like a hidden crack, on an
unsuspected counterproposal. These reversals challenge the visitor in
many ways. They express the built aspect of the landscape in the field
of representation and highlight the countless manipulations made
possible today by digital technology. They also highlight the ambivalent
attitude of the individual toward the natural world, the desire to
dominate it or let oneself be submerged by it. Water, omnipresent in all
the images, establishes a continuity between them and symbolizes in turn
immersion, movement and life, thanks to the many metaphors it can
produce. The work invites us to position ourselves on the side of the
if, the possible, or the never, the definitive in our relationship with

Isabelle Hayeur
16 October 2001
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Attribution: Isabelle Hayeur
HTML, Javascript, nature, responsibility, allegory, Net art, Animation
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16 October 2001
Isabelle Hayeur
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16 October 2001
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