Aural Masturbation

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This work was created in response to an instructor's comment that the internet has not changed art at all. But making "found art" work is now more possible than ever. The "found" object chosen was the .wav file format because it is so widespread and has been around for awhile. People hoard wav files and offer them for free on their site. It is an interesting phenomenon. It is popular for shorter clips because of its bulkiness. I was incredibly amused by what people chose to keep and publish on their sites during the search. It was a true garage-sale experience.
This installation involved simultaneous viewing of this experience in a room of 20 computers while the manifesto was displayed on a wall through a projector. The user was able to hear and make their own abstract sound compositions made of .wav files found on the web. Their own real-time audio mix was mixed in with the others in the room and created a general chaotic atmosphere. One could try to concetrate on what they created or concentrate on the general population mix.

Marientina Gotsis
15 May 2002
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Critical Art Ensemble, University of Illinois at Chicago, Newspace Undergraduate Lab, IL, The Electronic Distrurbance
Attribution: Marientina Gotsis
tactical, Readymade, Conceptual, Anti-art, Abstract, resistance, network, netart, interface, interact, globalization, audio, QuickTime, HTML, Visual, installation
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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15 May 2002
Marientina Gotsis
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15 May 2002
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