concrete_maschine (TM)

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Language is corrupt!
The subject reigns over the alienated object!
Language is the code of power!

Therefore "smash the surface" and concrete it in a new way. The concrete_machine(TM) liberates the language from the dominating code into the pictorial concrete.
It was already in the last century that language seemed suspicious to numerous artistic movements. The Cubists and Dadaists collaged text-fragments into pictures. Dada dissolved words into sounds. The Lettrists reduced language which they understood as aesthetically exhausted to the single letter. The concrete poets composed letter-pictures and the utopias of the 70ies tried to convert the ruling code.
The concrete_machine(TM) will go on this road to the very end. Compute the text: give it to the concrete_machine(TM) and so make a free picure of it.

Johannes Auer
24 April 2003
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Johannes Auer, Frieder Rusmann
Attribution: Johannes Auer
Participatory, Database, Conceptual, machine, language, Javascript, HTML, Visual, Text
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8 May 2013
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24 April 2003
Johannes Auer