Interpreted, Obscured and Sought

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Two projectors are suspended over-head in the center of the gallery with a computer that synchronizes and randomly selects a video clip of the pitcher and receiver. These characters are playing catch with a series of symbols. What is thrown is not necessarily received by the catcher often it is not.
This work is about the perception of verbal and visual clues while creating and receiving messages and how these signs are affected by culture.
I am seeking a gallery to continue to exhibit the work.

Bill Hendricks
23 September 2006

My work is about signs, signifiers and the signified. We generate many signs. We wrap ourselves in these signs with these signs we define others and ourselves. We view our relationships to the rest of the world through these signs and we judge who is right who is wrong, those with power and those that are perceived to have none and the bad from the good. In essence these signs and how we interpret them allow us to create and define the norm and who we are as individuals and as a group.
Herein is the documentation of the solo show Interpreted, Obscured and Sought that opened in Gallery 148, March 2005, at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The show was composed of signs and symbols how these signs can be accepted, challenged or transformed. Included in this installation was a video work, accompanied by photographs in which the viewer could see images composed of signs having their meaning obscured or combined with each other as they morph into unique ideographs that thus allowing yet other interpretations.

Bill Hendricks
23 September 2006
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23 September 2006
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