Y o u r s F a c e o r M i n e ? A n o n y m i t y

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So - you've gotten used to swapping out different parts of your sFace only to wake up one morning to find all the parts have been animated! What the flux?
What should you do? Call the police? Pay the fine? Charge admission?

Reginald Brooks
13 April 2013

Your sFace or Mine? Anonymity
It has been nearly 10 years since the highly interactive Your sFace or Mine? original was created. And while, at the core, it was always about the issues surrounding that most profound enigma called identity, it also called attention to the very nature of forming and exchanging the "parts" that make up the "whole" - if you will.
Your sFace or Mine? Anonymity is also centered on the enigma we call identity. The upgrade gooses the interactivity-presentation by having the lead activation (mouse/touch-over) hotspot run an animation of all the choices within that respective grid. A complete and unique mix of animated and static "parts" awaits the viewer's input. A slideshow and a short music video demonstrate some of the possibilities.
What has come to even more focus - as the "parts" become even more transient - is that, while the core of the work is centered on identity, what remains throughout all the technological change and innovation is prejudice. And while these advancements take us a few steps forward to disarm such bias, it still requires us to embrace the differences to make a difference.

Reginald Brooks
13 April 2013

With whole parts of the brain dedicated to facial recognition, it is hardly surprising that the face - my sFace, their sFace, Your sFace - perhaps the most complicated container in existence - reveals, conceals, shows, expresses, denies and lies that which lies on the other side - on the inside, that is.
This morphing matrix of the dreamer inside must - like the bending tree in the wind - maintain its balance.
That’s a balance between giving in to the deformations of the wind, and, that stoic architectural base that provides for the brains facade.
That your very survival may fulcrum on that balance only reinforces your innate prejudices of sFaces.
Ah! But some say the architecture of Your sFace - as form follows function - is simply housing the portals of your senses - as, indeed, they are. And yet, this arrangement of form falls woefully short in accounting for the bias of sFace.
So let’s separate this out. The bias is in the brain, not in the sFace. The sFace flows as the brain blows. The sFAce is beautiful. Your sFace Or Mine? Anonymity is dedicated to the notion that all sFaces are beautiful - and may the neural network follow.
The full Your sFace Or Mine? Anonymity new media net.art project:
The original Your sFace Or Mine? new media net.art project from 2004

Reginald Brooks
13 April 2013
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