One the puppet of the other

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Performance and video :
On the scene two igloo tents. Two spaces in the shape of a sphere shelter two artists who devote themselves to a play in which they are the others living doll.
Inside their tents they are face to face via a system of two webcams. The public can follow the hidden face to face via an interface that permits to project the webcam images of the two artists side by side on the wall behind the tents.
As in a virtual world (a video game, Second Life) the artists give orders to their avatar played by the other. But contrary to what happens in the virtual world, here the alter ego is well alive. It has its own capacities and it can agree or not to give flesh to the projections of the other.
Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech comment on the present situation where we tend more and more to live in our own bubble, our own sphere, without need for the other, by forming a couple with our virtual doubles.

17 April 2008
Variant History
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17 April 2008