Get Your Ass To Mars

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Get Your Ass To Mars is a series of nine 3D modeled, still life images. The carefully posed arrangements feature representations of familiar objects—such as cans of Coors Light beer—alongside uncanny ones: metallic fruit, floppy brass instruments, and a Dilbert mug filled with green goo.

Rhizome staff

Murata emerged in 2011 with a wholly new body of work. In far contrast to his early animation work, or his glitch filled datamosh videos, these nine still lives are both cyber-futurist, and retro-nostalgic – offering intricately modeled computer rendered scenes depicting objects ranging from the kitch artifact (i.e. VHS cassettes) to the mysterious, futuristic, and fictitious.

Takeshi Murata
15 March 2012
Variant History
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15 March 2012
Rhizome staff