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I began the digital art transforming images of my work in painting and drawing. Little by little I have gone away these images and my's works has become small animations and experimentation pieces. I work from 1995 in the digital art, but I feel that it is only the beginning of many ideas that I want to develop. ***


I feel very attracted by the Ascii Art. It is the language that I am integrating to my last works. The main topic of my work is the human being, our physical condition, as first state that dominates our spiritual being and intellectual. From the beats of our heart to our external movements. Finally our thoughts and creativity. Our body, so vulnerable. of our body our spirit does depend? ***


Today many of the images that I am going discovering in the digital art, I am integrating them to my paintings and drawings.

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Isabel Aranda
13 April 2004
Variant History
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Isabel Aranda