Remolino de Electra

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When the primitive painter layed down carbon and ferric oxides and swapped the canvas, the cliffs and the caves for a computer and started to draw with the mouse, the first thing he discovered was that he didn't get any dirty fingers. Soon after that he made another discoverment: On the computer he could give the pictures time and - something what cliffs and caves were not able to do - move the world.
Electra is the daughter of Oceanos and Thetys. Oceanos and Thetys were brother and sister and had beside Electra another three thousend children. They are the springs, the streams, the rivers, the lakes, the ponds, the swamps.
Hiperborea is a human civilizacion which Homer (the elder) and his collegues imagined somewhere behind the colums of Hercules in the infinite empire of Oceanos.The 'Remolino de Electra' ( Whirl of Electra ) was discovered during an expedition to Hiperborea, which started in 2002, it appeared whilst navigating through the darkness of periphery, near the borders of history, between eroded cliffs of memory and streaming abysses of present. The expedition is still on the way.

Arti Leimbacher
8 December 2003
Variant History
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