Field of Vision: New York

From Rhizome Artbase

“‘In my field of vision I can see the image of a tree on the right hand side of the image of a tower, or ‘I can see the image of a tree in the middle of the field of vision.’ And now we are tempted to ask: ‘And where do you see the field of vision?’ ”
Ludwig Wittgenstein, The Blue Book.

In response to Wittgenstein’s question Digital Art Projects locates the human field of vision as a multidimensional space in the mind. Using the internet as a metaphorical location for this space, the group intends with its Field of Vision series to build on the net the utopian, virtual ideal of a single, unifying structure consisting out of a multitude of different human perceptions. The group assumes the role of an editing board working in a seemingly chaotic field of diverse religious, scientific, political and artistic views which again are constantly subject to change of geographical, cultural and sociological angle and perspective.

The innovative structure of the project builds a bridge between discussion, collaboration and live art on the one hand and internet based formats on the other. It creates an interface between the physical world we inhabit and its mirror image on the internet. The live component of this dual combination consists of large format billboard displays at significant geographic locations. The locations’ cultural, aesthetic and sociological context determines the subject of the projection of multiple views on to the respective field. The virtual component uses the internet as a permanent base for the field’s continually expanding content. Each field is developed in response to location and context in cooperation with a contributing group and artists from the network. Creative input is through a participatory process adapted to each specific location.

Stephan Hausmeister
24 January 2005
Variant History
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Stephan Hausmeister