suns from flickr

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suns from flickr is a mosaic of images of the sun cropped from 541,795 pictures of sunsets the artist found on Flickr.

Rhizome staff

This is a project I started when I found 541,795 pictures of sunsets searching the word "sunset" on the Flickr site. I took just the suns from these pictures and made snapshot prints of them. I think it's peculiar that the sun, the quintessential life giver, constant in our lives, symbol of enlightenment, spirituality, eternity, all things unreachable and ephemeral, omnipotent provider of optimism and vitamin D and so ubiquitously photographed, is now sublimated to the internet, the most virtual of spaces equally infinite but within a closed electrical circuit. Looking into this cool electronic space one finds a virtual window onto the natural world.

Penelope Umbrico
17 June 2006
Variant History
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