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New Lexia is a collaborative project that depends exclusively on the input of its users. The system generates a sequence of images and words based on the image, that the user sends, in relation to all other images of different users.
The selection process is based on the relationship between words of other descriptions and the presence of color in every image, analyzed by the system, when you upload your image. You will need Shockwave for Director to upload your image!
New Lexia was created as part of the International Master on Creation and Design for Interactive Systems at the Media Center of Art and Design (MECAD) in Barcelona, Spain, 2002 by Cesarina Balsells, Ismael Celis and Sebastian Harms.

Sebastian Harms
5 February 2003
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Sebastian Harms, Ismael Celis, Cesarina Balsells, spain, MECAD Media Center of Art and Design, Barcelona, Newlexia
Attribution: Sebastian Harms
Participatory, Generative, Database, Collaborative, machine, language, interact, film, community, Animation, Shockwave, Javascript, HTML, Visual, Text
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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8 May 2013
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5 February 2003
Sebastian Harms