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DJ Rabbi is nomadic performance in action: as part of the 10comms project, DJ Rabbi is devoted to wanderlust and the interface of art and the net
DJ Rabbi adheres to the 10comms, a bill of rights that we bring with us wherever we travel.
We at DJ Rabbi are part of growing band of gypsy intelligences that create countercultural signals as a way to further exhibit our minority status in a decidedly commercial world.
We tune our intelligences to the network culture as it initializes a nomadic tribe of artist-researchers who use whatever digital apparatuses are available at their moment in time to transmit open source content to the expanding docuverse.
With the advent of protocols like http we are able to teleport hypertextual consciousness into the electrosphere we now call home.
Through a talmudic reading of the docuverse, we operate in a cite-specific environment, that "non-place place" where we sample from (cite) various discourses streaming across the network.
We surf, sample, and manipulate the available data so that we may better able ourselves to creatively cite contemporary influences that bring into being our self-aware, talmudic behavior, a behavior which is driven by an advanced action scripting language we are still inventing in asynchronous realtime.
Soon we will explore our actions in asynchronous realtime. And out of our DJ practice, we see yet more practices emerging: VJ, spin doctor, network conductor, pla(y)giaristic theorist, and digital thoughtographer.

8 December 2004
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8 December 2004