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Auracle is a networked sound instrument, controlled by the voice. It is played and heard over the Internet. To participate, simply launch Auracle in your web browser, join an ensemble, and create sounds with other participants in real time.
||Voice-Controlled Interaction||
While it takes years to learn how to control an instrument such as guitar or piano, Auracle requires no special training to play. It takes advantage of the sophisticated and flexible vocal control we all have from our ability to speak.
Your voice, however, is not the source of Auracle's sounds — it is merely a way of controlling those sounds. We encourage you to explore! Don't feel inhibited by traditional musical preconceptions.
||Group Interaction||
You play Auracle with other people anywhere in the world in groups of up to five players called Ensembles. All members of an ensemble are able to hear each other's gestures. Listen to the active ensembles in Auracle by clicking on their names. Stay with a group that you like, or create a new ensemble yourself and invite others to come and play.
||Open-ended Architecture||
Auracle is an instrument, not a piece; it is a system, not a musical composition. It has an internal structure, but it does not define or control the interaction of its participants. The architecture itself adapts over time in response to how it is used.
Auracle is a production of Max Neuhaus and Akademie Schloss Solitude (art, science, & business program) with the financial support of the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg. It was created by the Auracle team (Max Neuhaus, Phil Burk, Sekhar Ramakrishnan, Kristjan Varnik, Jason Freeman, and David Birchfield).

Jason Freeman
21 November 2004
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21 November 2004
Jason Freeman