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Site_Traffic is a musical telepresence project involving a physical controller and web-based interface, allowing for asynchronous and synchronous interaction between users. Those who visited the Site_Traffic server could program unique MIDI sequences into one of the nine buttons on the physical controller, which, in turn, could be used to play songs and upload them to the online listening room.

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How do we connect web spaces to their physical counterparts? How can people visting these spaces asynchronously and synchornously interact with each other?
Site_Traffic is a telepresence project that involves both a physical installation and a web-based interface component. The project functions as a fully programmable remote sequencer that allows for unique non-verbal communication between users in the physical and online spaces.
Since Site_Traffic's programming interface lives online, the installation is best realized over time. By placing the physical device in a well-trafficed public space, repeat users can see the change in songs left by users of the project's internet component.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen
1 May 2002
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Jonah Brucker-Cohen
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Telematic, space, social space, network, Internet, interact, audio, access, Shockwave, software, installation
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Jonah Brucker-Cohen