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  ^  86399sek live realtime pervormants
^ 27 03 2001
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TR 101 331 [ETSI SIC LI ERS] awful interception


technology seduces us w an illusion of interaktivity and liberatsion which in actual fakt promotes the passivity ov the consumer.
(technology consumes us)

creating outstanding interactive dynamik digital multimedia performantses sponsored by the way-to-happiness foundatsions.
take over.
go public.
where do you wanna go today?

triviality shows w spetsial effects.
digital dotsil dekor.

as technology advances there is less and less need for human beings in this system.

you do bore me.

0 entertainment event.
0 dynamik design distraktions.
0 manic multimedia.
0 spektakular cyber show.

1 sotsial praktiqs in publik space.

actual communikatsion.
(that is all you get)

i refer to my selv.

breaking the profit barrier.

on 27 march 2001 restate released a SMS mindmine into the swiss cell phone netverk.
>Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send and receive text messages to and from mobile telephones.
declared aim was to break down technologikal superstrukture solely via human communikatsion overload.
(smashed into pieces)
(in the still ov the night)

intense preparatsions lasted vor more than siks months.
results from minor test runs were superbly satisfying.


on restate/callaps storm offentsif went publik.
thousands ov SMS were sent in a highly coordinated sequents ov contraminatsion.
thousands ov swiss intimate spheres were infekted.
thousands ov swiss intimate spheres spread the mine without knowing.
thousands ov swiss intimate spheres believed that they were acting on their own.
(no patch was availabelle)
requisit variety was increased substantsially.

each affected swiss cell phone user was encouraged to call another - unknown - persona.
encouraged to communikate w him. or her.
no additsional invormatsion about the calling one.

an akt ov liberatsion.
(0 distrakting interferentses)
(1 pure actual communikatsion)

distributsion ov phone numbers was accomplished in such a way that cooperatsion ov all entities involved would lead them to an illuminating genesis.
improbabelle, yet definit not impossibelle.

together, formerly isolated entities did create a media space in which they had to interakt w each other.
as a matter ov will.
my will.
(i am sotsially relevant)

human interaktsion w and through digital media.
(technology consumes us - i told you once bevore.)

while the amount ov sent SMS was a substantsial success, it would have never been possibelle to crash a whole country's communikatsion netverk w/it, technikally.

>as cell phones are something users tend to carry with them all day long - unlike computers - this makes them a far more intimate and responsive medium for personal communicatsion.
therevore the mind mines impakt on contamined compatibelles was strong.
via forcing people to call somebody they did not know, the effekt was nearly doubled.
the sole pure act ov humans talking w each other - all at the same time - was intended to overload the swiss mobile phone netverk.
(crystal clear communikatsion, that is)

during the actsion the whole performants was monitored on
on the restate/callaps real time pervormants was finished.
(24 hours)
since then, a synthetik simulatsion ov the callaps live pervormants can be seen there.

(furiously blinking prompt)
/ /


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19 November 2001
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19 November 2001