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The art space stripped bare faces its observers freed
from the essential prerequisites of
a modern exhibition space, such as artificial lighting,
neutral hanging surfaces
and an electricity supply. The electric cables
are laid bare, jutting out like arteries from a
dissected body. All of the internal routes for
audio, video and the Internet are combined
in a closed system forcing, as it were, all
the processes involving data into one circuit
within the space-machine.
Only now, rid of its supporting functionality,
is the suppressed identity of the space, the
self, visible.
Judith Fegerl shows the art space as an architectural and energy-providing shell for art objects, as a body without organs — like her human-machine units. The Kunstraum is hollowed out and opened at several places. The electric cables jut from the ceiling, walls and floor, rendering the inner life of the machine visible, and looking like the arteries of a dissected body. With SELF Judith Fegerl reveals a machine that normally leads a discrete existence in the background, and allows us to gaze deep into this body. She has undressed the Kunstraum and allowed it to show its self.

Judith Fegerl
6 July 2010
Variant History
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Judith Fegerl