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Pat Badani

HOME TRANSFER is an ongoing web project that explores the intersection of home, architecture and new technologies.

Pat Badani
17 September 2004

HOME TRANSFER is an ongoing net.art project by Pat Badani. It was selected
and screened at ISEA 2000 and at a number of other New Media events and
festivals. The work explores the intersection of home, architecture and new
technologies. A dwelling made of bread and its parasitic invasion is used to
investigate changing notions of place and presence. Host/Guest relations are
established between the artist, architects and people online. The work
explores the relevance of contemporary practices in people's everyday lives.
It reveals the psychological and physiological impact imposed by virtuality
and automation on being at home.
HOME TRANSFER features streaming video of architects discussing a cultural
paradigm where technology affects aspects of domestic life in new ways.
Visitors may share thoughts in two guest-books provided for this purpose.
The aim is to build a space for speculation where people can express their
excitement and/or anxiety about this topic. The work has evolved over time
on the basis of these interactions recorded in three archives. The evolving
discourse is essential in building the work's content.
The piece is composed of three discrete sections that the visitors travels
through to construct meaning: Guest, Host and Parasite. The Guest section is
modeled after an architectural e-journal showcasing video-taped and
text-based interviews with guest architects who talk about technology and
its impact upon notions of "Home". The Host section invites online visitors
to post their ideas about "feeling at home". The result is a vast archive
where different opinions and languages co-habit, an ethnographic record
about what it means to feel well and feel in place today. The Parasite
section investigates the parasite's relation to media and communication
systems, the relationship of parasite to host, or giver to taker in a system
of exchange. This section is modeled after a game: the killing game, the
containing game and the propagating game.
HOME TRANSFER is part of an ongoing cluster of works that Pat Badani began
in 1994. In these works, the artist uses a city made of bread-bowls and its
parasitic invasion as metaphor to explore social space. These ongoing
projects create communication paths between the artist, Citizens-at-large
(both on-line and off-line), and specialists in different fields of Art,
Science and Humanities (Bakers, Doctors, Architects). A discussion is
launched incorporating the public sphere via the Internet.
Contact: pbadani@ilstu.edu

Pat Badani
17 September 2004
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17 September 2004
Pat Badani