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When I first started dj'ing it was meant to be a hobby. It was an experiment with rhythm and clues, rhythm and cues: drop the needle on the record and see what happens when this sound is applied to this context, or when that sound crashes into that recording... you get the idea. The first impulses I had about dj culture were taken from that basic idea - play and irreverence towards the found objects that we use as consumers and a sense something new was right in front of our oh so jaded eyes as we watched the computer screens at the cusp of the 21st century's beginnings. I wanted to breathe a little life into the passive relationship we have with the objects around us, and bring a sense of permanent uncertainty about the role of art in contemporary urban culture.
Commissioned by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, with the generous support of The James Irvine Foundation
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Paul D. Miller's mask contains a portrait of Marcel Duchamp in Munich, age twenty-five, and one rotorelief, Corrolles (see below).
Marcel Duchamp, Rotoreliefs (Optical Disks), 1935
Included are:
No. 1 Corolles [recto]
No. 3 Lanterne Chinoise [verso]
No. 6 Escargot [verso]
No. 7 Verre de Bohème [recto]
No. 8 Cerceaux [verso]
No. 9 Montgolfière [recto]
No. 10 Cage [verso]
No. 11 Eclipse Totale [recto]
No. 12 Spirale Blanche [verso]
© 2002 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris / Succession Marcel Duchamp
Circular tags by Paul D. Miller, 2002
Stills from Marcel Duchamp: A Game of Chess, Jean-Marie Drot (Dir.), produced by RM Arts, 1963.
Excerpts from Marcel Duchamp, The Creative Act, 1999, Marc Dachy (editor), audio CD, courtesy Sub Rosa, Belgium.
Excerpts from Marcel Duchamp, Erratum Musical, aleatory recording by Stephane Ginsburg and Guy-Marc Hinant, courtesy Sub Rosa, Belgium

Paul D. Miller
12 November 2004
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