Family Portrait

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"Family Portrait" is a collaborative documentary art project between Agricola de Cologne and the female members of the Partnoy family originating from Argentina: Raquel Partnoy, Alicia Partnoy and Ruth Irupe Sanabria. All three are artists in the disciplines painting, poetry and literature, and experienced political persecution during the dictatorship in Argentina and escaped/emigrated from the so-called Argentine Holocaust only some years ago to USA.
The work includes audio recitations of one of Alicia's poem by Alicia herself in Spanish and one of Ruth's poems by Agricola de Cologne, music by Agricola de Cologne.
"Family Portrait" was created in 2001 by Agricola de Cologne in the framework of his New Media art project "A Virtual Memorial",
and is an ongoing project to be updated from time to time with new aspects, new art works and additional family members.

23 December 2002
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