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transphormetic is data as nature
transphormetic is numbers in patterns
transphormetic is an ongoing exploration of generative forms (modules)
in the flash environment.
all modules remain alive and in a state of flux. each module presents
many possible avenues of further exploration.
transphormetic is a collection of imaginary graphs that answer to the
movement of the mouse.
transphormetic uses simple shapemaps, vectorslices and trans-chars to produce spatial convolutions, lattice plots, tiny systems, radia and kytes in 3 dimensional bezier extrusions and 2 dimensional x,y plots.
transphormetic says, 'recycle mutate transphorm'
transphormetic likes to play!

paul prudenci
15 May 2002
Legacy descriptive tags
Paul Prudence, Flash Math Creativity
Attribution: paul prudenci
Generative, Formalist, Abstract, netart, immersion, Animation, MP3, HTML, Flash, Visual
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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15 May 2002
paul prudenci
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15 May 2002
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