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Have you ever dreamed of seeing works of art and theory on Mars? Now you can! The MARS PATENT is the first interplanetary exhibition space founded by Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche.

Rhizome staff

Claudia Reiche, Helene von Oldenburg:
Have you ever dreamed of seeing works of art and theory on Mars? Now you can!
The MARS PATENT is the first interplanetarian exhibition space founded by Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche. You are invited to experience culture on a fascinating and promising new site. Millions of miles away the red planet now lies within your reach - in an entirely new way. Since the early days the MARS PATENT committee has been working hard to find a discriminating place for your desires which allows a new sight on Earth: The MARS PATENT offers its MARS EXHIBITION SITE (MES) to you as a free experimental area and invites every thing which does not fit entirely on Earth but tends towards the MES.
A thing? A real thing? Could be your idea, your object, your work, your question, your protest, your project, your desire.
Mars - still untouched by human hands - is a dry, cold and poisonous place and often experienced to be of terrific beauty. The Mars Exhibition Site (MES) is located near the equator in the north of a lowland area named Elysium Planitia. MES is a floating area. Its slightly changing form is a strung-out rectangle. Think of an area of approximately 3148 square kilometers offering a wide range of altitudes within a rocky landscape filled with incredibly shaped lava masses - exposed to storms and temperatures varying rapidly between -127 °C and +15 °C. The MARS PATENT is a place for art and theory and sensible to its various concepts. With MARS PATENT's HRM\\_1.0n (High Reality Machine) we offer cutting edge technologies for installing sculptures, Internet relay chats, kinetic objects, art-and media theories, science fiction literature, telepresence systems, videos, sound installations, manifestos, web-art etc. by teleportation. This machine will become a potent device in your hands to place your things on the MES.
The main feature of the HRM\\_1.0n is the signal transmission with the ‘sender’ located on Earth and the ‘receiver’ located on Mars. The teleportation by the HRM\\_1.0n signifies an irreversible transfer from Earth to Mars. No matter treated by the HRM\\_1.0n will remain undamaged - from slight atomic disturbances to even more destructive effects. We differentiate a) Matter-Signal-Matter-Transformation (complete teleportation), b) Signal-Matter-Transformation (signal realization), c) Matter-Signal-Transformation (matter realization). HRM\\_1.0n’s Capacity of Signal Processing Rate: 1027 Tetra Flop/sec. Transmission Shaft Size is 32cm x 24cm x n cm. As a controlling device THE MARS PATENT additionally provides an ongoing live-report from the local situation of the project’s area, the MES
Attention: female first names only will be accepted! The question “If I'm not of female sex, could I register under a female name?“ is answered in the MARS PATENT’s Frequently Asked Questions: „The HRM\\_1.0n (High Reality Machine) is not able to control the biological identity. It's your commitment that counts“, even “ If they [the aliens] come up with a real e-mail address, they can always try. With a female first name we encourage every alien to participate.“ The „female privilege“ rule is thus carried out strictly symbolically and processed by the HRM\\_1.0n’s binary structure.
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5 August 2005