moebius display

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Moebius display is a new output interfase development.
This interfase is a simple LED (light emitting diode) screen that has a spatial and conceptual modification.Instead of being flat as the majority of screens, it is moebius stripe shaped, a three-dimensional representation of the infinite. T his new space for expression is one of the first non-Euclidean space as an output for a computer, and brings to surface many questions about visual and spatial representations. The idea of looking at an image or a word moving in a one sided three dimensional object expresses ambiguity. the piece is always showing at the same time two contradictory ideas, two poles sharing the same space.
This piece has been posible thanks to the Telefonica | MAMBA | LIMB0 art and new technology grand prix and and an OSRAM LED donation.
The next step in the development of this project include a change of scale (20 times bigger) and the inclusion of full color LED pixels. I'M LOOKING FOR SOME NEW SPONSORS TO DEVELOP THIS NEW DEVICE.

Martin Bonadeo
22 November 2006
Variant History
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