Future is Fake

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This animation was kind of an accident. I was playing with the code with
this program called Processing, and I started making arrows that flip over
to reveal another side of themselves. Then I just put two arrows and a
triangle to make a face, and it became a portrait of somebody that has
arrows instead of eyes and a triangle instead of a mouth. I dont know such a
person, but I liked it anyway, so I decided to put it on a domain.
To chose a domain name I reffered to this old book by Douglas Coupland that
I was reading at the time, and the chapter titles were really cool, almost
like things one could imagine to have heard. I chose "future is fake" from
these, and I put the arrow person there. In any case I might meet such a
person in the future so its better to be prepared.

  • "FutureIsFake.com was commisioned by the OneStarPress publishing house in

Paris as a deluxe artists' edition to accompany the book that is coming out
this spring on Angelo Plessas' work. The edition is 15 signed certificates
of ownership for FutureIsFake.com

Angelo Plessas
11 December 2003
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11 December 2003
Angelo Plessas
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11 December 2003
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