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The work features an animation of virtual creatures plunging and inhabiting a specific environment, with a specific tendency. Knowledge, if not carefully inquired and applied may cause subordination of certain creatures. These creatures prefer to highlight the specificity of individuals living in a community and practicing differences.
Some of the creatures resembled those we may have seen before, except these artificial creatures have smaller risk to be exterminated. It is been advised that they shall not be killed, even if we do not agree with them, or for pleasure with an assumption that artificial creatures have eternal life.
In short, the work aims to highlight the singularity in a community, respect to differences, the fragility of knowledge and the anti-violence in a humorous way.

Saraswati Gramich
14 December 2002
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saraswati gramich, Plunge!
Attribution: Saraswati Gramich
Participatory, Conceptual, language, interact, community, artificial life, Animation, Flash, Text
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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14 December 2002
Saraswati Gramich
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14 December 2002
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