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MetaMix is algorithmic audio remixing software for Mac OS X and Windows. Feed MetaMix your favorite audio track and listen as familiar music is transformed into a new listening experience. MetaMix superimposes new musical structures onto existing music by turning special mathematical integer sequences into new musical forms. These musical forms are used to \\"remix\\" the audio track you choose.
MetaMix is a musical composition in that it creates original music, but it consists entirely of direct quotations, and the source of those quotations is not even predetermined. It is a software tool in that it manipulates audio files, but its functionality is too narrowly focused to be of practical use, and it lacks even the built-in ability to save or record its creations. It is a digital audio player in that it plays compact discs and MP3 files, but it would take longer than the age of the universe for it to reach the end of a five-minute audio track. It is an interactive experience in that musical output is dependent on user input, but users are encouraged to set a few parameters, press play, and then let the software run without further intervention

Jason Freeman
19 December 2002
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AT&T Integer Sequences Research, The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Attribution: Jason Freeman
Participatory, offline, Generative, postmodern, interact, digital, audio, QuickTime, Java, software
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19 December 2002
Jason Freeman
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19 December 2002
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