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Threads:Porn_Personals.html layers found text from the headlines of Craigslist personal ads over abstracted video clips of an adult film.

Rhizome staff

This piece combines the desire that prompts many online personal ads and the expectation fulfilled by the physical act of sex.
Pre-edited video is used as the basis for the on screen visuals. The sequence is captured from an adult film wherein mismatched couples meet on blind dates that inevitably culminate in extended sessions of hardcore sex.
The work juxtaposes the headlines of found online personal ads (specifically men seeking women) with the video clip to form a 3d video scuplture.
Pulsing sheets of warm, skin-toned light emerge from the video image and one can just make out the shapes of two people engaged in sex. As the video runs, the software detects the motion of sexual intercourse. From the areas of most intense "activity" emerge the text of the personal headlines.
The dream of sex, as represented by the abstract motion of the video clip seems to give life to the ads themselves.

Edward Tang, Jeanne Strole
27 April 2004
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27 April 2004
Jeanne Strole, Edward Tang
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27 April 2004
Rhizome staff