Internet Landscape

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I travel across the net like a Japanese tourist in Europe. I jump from a place to another.
I travel across the net like I was a reporter to tell about place made by images and I take shots of the net.
Internet Landscape introduces the trip's reportages. They are elements of a growing landscape.
Significant and beautiful places belong to the net. They need to be observed to understand that a new reality is coming on.
I tell the date and moment of the shots. Time will give the net a new life. Time will make the net flows into the river of the events.
Sites disappear in a so definitive way they could not do outside. Neither ruins remain, nor any sign of a presence. Pictures can give back its presence the way it was used to be.
I find faces between interfaces too, both robot and human and I get portraits of them in the new series FaceInterFace.

marco cadioli
12 January 2004
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12 January 2004
marco cadioli
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12 January 2004
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