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The Mirror_SPACE Project is one of my works in which I
examine the different forms of identity of human
existence by means of mediums used in
scientific-artistic context. The Mirror_SPACE is a
communication system based on a complex
scientific-artistic concept. The development started
in the end of 2003 with the aim of achieving a
higher-level interactive information exchange between
man and computer. Through the communication among
different softwares (visualisation, motion-tracking,
data analysing and sound effects programs) and the
Internet, the real-time system creates an audiovisual
sequence of events while taking into consideration the
properties and movements of the spectator. The work
examines how this audiovisual sequence created by the
interactive system affects the user experience.

Brigitta Zics
13 March 2005
Variant History
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13 March 2005
Brigitta Zics