e-sm: electronic soul mirroring

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Carlo Zanni

A portrait project that uses the icons of the computer to explore issues of identity.

Carlo Zanni
16 October 2001

Today the only possible form of portrait is a www project, where the person is not important. The important thing is the personal mental identity: e-mail; avatar; ftp login; nicknames, emoticons and so on.
The websites can become a wonderful example of portraits.
You are your C:
You are your hard disk.
This idea is at the base of a 2000 work on the www, www.e-sm.org.
www.e-sm.org is a perfect contemporary portrait (pc + ie5+); it is a modern soul mirror. Eyes are no more the soul mirror of a person; on the contrary the computer or the hard disk are. (Nowadays, of a person, it is easily to know his email or his nickname instead of his face

Carlo Zanni
16 October 2001
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Carlo Zanni
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16 October 2001
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