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Luca Bertini

A toll-free number which will try to establish with you an obsessive and addictive relationship.
Calling you back.
Even after a few weeks.
Pleading with you to come back.
800-178968 is a project of an invasive nature, capable of insinuating itself into the homes and mobile phones of the people contacted, violating their privacy, and becoming a part of their daily lives.
The adverts for it -which began three months before the start of the service-, hidden among information channels (and adopting their language, codes and instruments), reach an audience/spectator still unaware.
And thus more vulnerable, because they are incapable of recognising the artefact.
The 800-178968 project has been designed and developed to interact with a "conscious" audience, close to the world of art and its problems but,
and above all,
for everyday people.
The project ended on July 2003 with over 10.000 people contacted

Luca Bertini
13 January 2005
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8 May 2013
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13 January 2005
Luca Bertini