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Edward Tang

Using my technique, "3D Video Sculpture", this work aims to reconnect human presence with the content and underlying structure of a web page using a webcam, the Internet, and custom software. The live video input from the webcam is used to provide the interface for the viewer to reveal the structure and the content of the freshly accessed web page, the user's presence abstracted and translated into thin lines forming pulsing platforms and frames for the floating 3D text. The more present the user is in a particular position of the screen, the more likely that the content of the page will emerge from the landscape of darkness and now abstract HTML tags. Viewed from the many perspectives that 3D Video Sculpture offers, futuristic structures of text and line gently form around the unseen presence of the user. This software was programmed in Windows C++ using OpenGL and Quicktime.

Edward Tang
29 February 2004
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29 February 2004
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