Merry Christmas

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Olia Lialina

Dream by dream, dreams come true. Recently I found out that Java Applets don’t freeze my browser any more. Lakes, puzzles, mosaics, lenses, fractals, plasmas, running texts, rotating menus. These are exactly the things that make the web a very special place. What a pity they were overlooked by designers and artists (probably because applets never worked on Macs) and are not a part of the web of today.
It is really a shame that we were not patient enough and blamed java applet developers every time our PCs crashed. As if restarting your computer was the biggest problem in the world.
To correct this aesthetic injustice I decided to devote the Teleportacia net art workshop in French Polynesian Bora Bora to java applets. To come back to the roots and work with the classics of the genre.

Olia Lialina
28 October 2004
Variant History
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