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  • peripatetic phrase perpetuation*

Series of algorithmic walks in Berlin, documented using a 200-yr-old toolkit borrowed from Heinrich von Kleist, generating texts that are then sent to subscribers worldwide for evaluation. Source material available online, allowing others to develop own versions.
After a lengthy period of gestation and preparation, finally presents its answer to the dilemma of walk documentation, adapting the algorithmic approach of generative psychogeography to include a module for generative documentation, based on a toolkit of literary fragments borrowed from heinrich von kleist, who was doing this kind of thing 200 years ago.
The resulting texts are recorded on postcards and sent to distributed remote locations for evaluation and storage by anyone who wishes to receive one.
The kleist toolkit was reconstituted and adapted for use in this project by Thomas Goldstrasz and Nick Grindell.

>>>  "Ah, darlings, these walks are like a poet's dream, and the lushest imagination couldn't describe Berlin more beautifully than Kleist's ideas,  that open up to us and then snap shut, that strike us as barren and then smile our way or startle us. [>>> Idea 28]"
Thomas Goldstrasz
25 March 2004
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Thomas Goldstrasz
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25 March 2004
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