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Manfred Mohr

P-777 space.color.motion, is an abstract non-repetitive computer
animation which should be seen as a permanently changing 'painting.'
Based on a 'subset' of elements from a 6-dimensional hypercube and
25 selected colors, an algorithm written by myself, is rotating this
structure in 6-D, calculating the images in real time.
The continuously changing images reveal an abundance of geometric
forms and juxtapositions of colors. Their spatial relationships,
however, are not based on any color theory. The colors should be seen
as random elements, showing through their differentiation the
complexity and spatial ambiguity which is essential to my work.
This is a medidative visual piece with no audio distraction and is
normally presented on a flat LCD screen(1600x1200) with a dedicated
high speed computer running my program which calculates a never
repeating animation in very slow motion.
For the purpose of this presentation, a 1 minute excerpt has been
recorded as a gif-animation.

Manfred Mohr
1 March 2006
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1 March 2006
Manfred Mohr