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One Free Minute is a mobile sculpture designed to allow for instances of anonymous public speech. Anonymous callers to One Free Minute<nowiki/>'s toll-free line can record a message of up to a minute, to be broadcast in public.

Rhizome staff
One Free Minute is a mobile sculpture designed to allow for instances of anonymous free speech. Callers to One Free Minute's cell phone are connected to an amplifier and have their speech projected in public space for exactly one minute. One Free Minute also houses a digital archive of calls made to its answering machine, which are played back randomly between live calls.
There are two ways to participate in One Free Minute:
>Call the archive number and leave a message for future performances: 614-441-9533
>Call live during a performance- see for the performance schedule.
The principal intent behind One Free Minute is to investigate how public discourse, and the human communication that makes it possible, has been changed by technology. Cellular phone technology has increasingly brought private space into the public realm, metering human interaction in billed-by-the-minute increments. One Free Minute inverts the private nature of cellular technology, using it to break the soundscape of public space with unpredictable acts of improvised, anonymous free speech.
A secondary intent of One Free Minute is to create a tool to facilitate anonymous free speech in public places. Governments everywhere are increasingly vigilant of who is saying what and where: One Free Minute puts a bit of a blur on the 'who' and 'where', meaning that participants can speak without fear of recrimination. For information on how to borrow One Free Minute (free) for demonstrations or similar events, please email

Daniel Jolliffe
31 May 2005
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31 May 2005
Daniel Jolliffe