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Begun in 1996, this site was initially presented on the Internet on March 25, 1998, with the support of Mr. Paul-Armand Gette (Studio: Boltanski/Gette). It was the first diploma of Ensba from the Higher National School of Fine Arts in Paris to be presented online. This project was a work in progress until the end of November 1998, at which point the final version was completed-- version 2.0, as seen here.
This multi-media work is presented in the form of a Web site. It is an experimental site, composed of 12 plastic proposals, including interactive videos, interactive photographs, and interactive "objects." These proposals are articulated around the subjects of identity and otherness; from these 2 concepts arise other hybrid concepts like alteractivity, deterioration, dispute, other me, alter ego, alterrance, alienation, interity, interactivity, other agitation, etc. To best signify the hybridity of the medium and the concepts of identity and otherness, I formulated the word "alteraction" to title the project.

Reynald Drouhin
28 May 2001
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Reynald Drouhin, alter ego, other, double
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Reynald Drouhin
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28 May 2001
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