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komninos zervos:
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"cyberpoetry" is the name i gave to the poetry created on my macintosh lc630avcd, my goal was to create a poetry that was computer generated, that was moving, that was two and three dimensional and that incorporated voice and sound.
it was a poetry that could not be published as a traditional print publication. whilst it resembled film-making the text created the images and evoked moods and was always the principle object of every animation and movie.
poetry that can not be published in the traditional print media,
poetry that moves in time and space,
poetry that requires new ways of reading,
poetry that allows interaction,
poetry that is moving digital, aural, visual, and animated.

in 1996, i established a web presence, developing cyberpoetry for the net and a gallery of cyberpoetry from around the globe. since then the site has received 100,000 visitors. i want the site to be as active as possible, a celebration of words/text/sounds, entertaining, informative and fun. hope you enjoy it.
other sites which i have contributed to:
weak blood:
Text on-line journal:
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komninos zervos
19 April 2003
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university of queensland, queenslad university of technology, gold coast, Brisbane, Australia
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19 April 2003
komninos zervos
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19 April 2003
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